1.1. Read before you claim bonus

Only one bonus can be held at a time. Before claiming bonus, please make sure that you don't have another active bonus on account.

Tip: If Bonus tab at the bottom of site shows progress information about your last bonus, it means that bonus is active. Cancel it by pressing on 'x' next to bonus balance and confirming your choice.

In case upon deposit bonus did not appear on account because previous bonus was not removed, do not make any bets, contact Casino support staff and you will be notified when bonus is credited to your account.

If it is not stated otherwise, deposit bonuses can be claimed only once per invitation - page on Casino site, promotional e-mail or 3rd party web site.

Tip: If you have already claimed specific bonus, please don’t try to claim it again, it won’t work.

Free bonuses can be claimed only once per account by inserting coupon code into required field in registration form.

Tip: Do not create many accounts. Casino condemns multi-accounting. To avoid bonus abuse Casino reserves the right to refuse to allow customer to participate in promotion or block customer's account/s in case there is any suspicion that customer may hold multiple accounts.

1.2. How to use bonus

For customer convenience, games on Desktop (PC) site are stored separately. They are divided into multiple sections - bonus eligible and bonus non eligible games. Bonuses can only be used on slot games found in section Casino.

On Mobile version of site, where all slot games are stored in one section, bonus eligible game icon images are marked with 'bonus' badges.

Tip: Due to different country regulations some or all bonus supporting games might not be legally available for customers from specific countries. Refer to paragraph 8.4. of Casino Terms and Conditions.

1.3. Who can claim bonus

Deposit bonuses are available to all customers from countries where bonus games are allowed, however free bonuses are available only to customers from Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, unless it is stated otherwise in promotional description.

Tip: Please be aware that due to United Kingdom's legal regulations, customers who hold account in GBT (UK pounds), cannot claim free bonuses. If you wish to create account in GBT and plan to claim free bonus, please choose another currency. After account is created, currency cannot be changed.

1.4. How to withdraw winnings from bonus

All bonuses have specific requirements that need to be met before bonus and all winnings become available for withdrawal. For deposit bonuses, gaming amount is required to be wagered 35 times in bonus eligible games while free bonuses are required to be wagered 80 times. If bonus requirements are not spent during 7 days after bonus was activated, bonus will expire.

Tip 1: Please be aware that maximum allowed bet during wagering of bonus is 5 EUR/USD/GBP/AUD/CAD/NZD or 50 SEK/NOK/DKK. If upon withdrawal during the review of transactions it will appear that this term is breached, bonus and all resulting winnings might be void.

Tip 2: Re-starting unfinished game rounds in bonus video slots after bonus was lost or expired is viewed by Casino as bonus abuse. All resulting profits from unfinished game rounds that were started during bonus play will be void prior to withdrawal.

Since withdrawals are not available while bonus is active, both bonus and deposit will be stored on Bonus Balance. In the interest of the player's benefit, any amount deposited above the maximum amount on which a percentage bonus is awarded will not be held under any wagering requirement and will remain on real money balance. When bonus requirements are met, bonus balance will be automatically moved to real money balance. However, withdrawal still can be made, but it will permanently deactivate bonus and cancel all winnings made by using it. Also please be aware that when using a bonus, your deposited funds will be spent before the bonus, and withdrawal will be available only if there are enough funds for a minimal allowed withdrawal. For payment limits refer to Banking page.

Winnings from using bonuses are subject to limitation, if necessary. Winnings from deposit bonuses may be limited to deposited amount multiplied by 10. If the deposited amount is higher than required to claim a full bonus, only the required deposit amount will count. For free bonuses winnings may be limited to 50 EUR/USD/GBP/AUD/CAD/NZD or 500 SEK/NOK/DKK. For customer's convenience, bonus payout can be automatically adjusted to a maximum allowed amount upon successful bonus conversion, if necessary.


2.1. What rebate is and how it works

Rebate is somewhat of a refund, not full of course, but partial. It returns a share of what you lost on the previous day.

There are no limitations to maximum allowed rebate payment you can receive, but to receive it, you have to generate at least 1 EUR rebate payment during a day. This is the only requirement.

2.2. Things you should know

Tip 1: Cashback or rebate is a great alternative to bonuses, because it does not bind you to any requirements or rules. It is paid in wager free money straight to your real money balance and without any limits.

Tip 2: Only finished game rounds will count towards rebate calculations. Leaving unfinished game rounds to impact rebate payments is being viewed by Casino as promotional abuse. Winnings from such rounds will be void prior to withdrawal.


  • Bonus amounts shown in € (EURO) or $ (US DOLLAR) are also applicable to all other currencies, except NOK, SEK and DKK. For kronas amounts are multiplied by 10.
  • All promotion launch and expiration dates are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
  • Casino reserves the right to review transaction records and logs at anytime. If, upon such review, it appears that customer/s are participating in strategies that Casino deems to be abusive, Casino reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such customer to the promotion or block customer’s account.
  • All the promotional offers are at the sole discretion of Casino and may be cancelled, edited or expire at any time. It is customer’s responsibility to follow changes.
  • General Bonus Terms are subject at all times to Terms and Conditions.