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Shaman Slots (Endorphina)

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Shaman Slots  (Endorphina)

Shaman Slots (Endorphina)

4/5 (463)
When it comes to spiritual presence, no figure in history commands more attention than the awe-inspiring shaman. Taking this classic figure from ancient Indian history and bringing it into to the 21st century, Endrophina have created Shaman, a brand-new online slots title.

When it comes to surprises Endorphina certainly has a track record of delivering. Keeping major game development projects under wraps until what is more often than not the very last minute; this company knows how to spring a shock or two. The latest sudden arrival to emerge from the Endorphina laboratories is something a little different to say the least.

Based upon ancient Indian folklore, Shaman is an online slots game that simply makes no comprises. Taking a peek into the world of darkness and superstition, Shaman is game that certainly delivers an impressive level of mystery. The theme of this game is impressive, cool graphics and nice music.

Try out Shaman from Endorphina and you will be blown away by the coolness of this game! Try the game now and you will be a step closer to your next win! You will be pleasantly surprised by this game and we promise, that you will come back to play again and again!

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